Conferences for 4th quarter

As most of you probably know anyway I tend to travel to a lot of conferences across the globe to speak about search engine marketing, the best industry I could imagine.

So far I spoke at about 15 conferences this year in 7 different countries and can’t wait to add another 4 conferences till the end of the year:

SMX Stockholm

This is one of my favourite shows as it’s usually small and intimate, so you get a chance to speak a little longer to some fellow speakers about what is going on in the world of search and where the future will be. Also I got some really good friends in Stockholm that usually take pretty good care of me when I’m there. :)

SMX London

I’m not quite sure yet what I should expect from SMX London as it will be the first UK based SMX, but I am sure that Matthew Finlay together with Chris and Danny managed to get a great show off the ground. I’m really excited about speaking there and can’t wait till it starts.

Suchmaschinenmarketing Seminar Zurich

Going to Zurich is always great as I can not only eat some of my favourite sweets, have lunch at Google but can also meet up with some non-German, German speaking SEOs and see how the rich country next to Germany is doing in regards to SEO/SEM. Also Roger is a really great host.

WebmasterWorld PubCon Las Vegas

PubCon is a little weird this year for me. Usually it was always the starting point for a year end vacation in the US before the search marketing speakers moved from the warm and sunny desert to the cold and windy Illinois to speak at SES Chicago. Unfortunately this year they are pretty much at the same time, so I had to make up my mind on where to go and I opted for PubCon for various reasons. The main point is the quality of speakers, especially as I call a lot of them friends since 2003. The weather, good parties and Vegas itself sure help as well.

I’m really looking forward to meet many new, interresting people at the mentioned events and would extremely appreciate it if blog readers come up to me and say “Hi!”.

Now I’m finally off to Sweden in 50 minutes! Hej Sverige!


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  1. Looking forward to seeing you again at Pubcon!

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