Refined Ads Agency Partner

In order to support our customers, we have built up a network of partnerships. In this network, professional performance marketing agencies come together and support each other. Our partners posses excellent knowledge and qualifications, and are there to assist you with

  • Consultation services for your online marketing activities
  • Assistance with staff shortages, and temporary replacements for your campaign management
  • Assistance with foreign campaigns in the native language of a particular country

You are welcome to contact our partner agencies directly, or we can help you in choosing one. We are also at your disposition, and act as a reference for the individual agencies.

Refined Ads Qualified Agency Partner

Refined Ads Qualified Agency Partner Logo

Every Refined Ads Qualified Agency Partner is at least a Google AdWords Certified Partner, a long-time user of RefinedAds (with more than 250.000 Euro Adspend per quarter), and has at least three employees (each with at least three months of experience using Refined Ads) .



annalect Logo The goal of our daily work is to convince our customers with top results. To reach this it is extremly important for us to have a partner on our side we can 100 percent rely on. Refined Labs is such a partner. First, Refined Labs offers with the bid management system Refined Ads one of the most intuitive, functional and fastest tools on the market, and second Refined Labs convinces with the implementation of individual solutions with a quality and reliability that is second to none.

Blue Summit Media

Blue Summit Media Logo Refined Ads allows us to manage and optimize our SEM accounts in various search engines and countries – and all this with a uniform interface. With its innovative control system capabilities, such as the formation of strategic groups, we are able to quickly meet our high internal demands. Especially good was the individual adaptation to client-specific requirements, paired with the most supreme competency. The support team was consistently easy to reach, and allowed us to stay a step ahead in a market of continuously increasing demands.


explido Logo As one of the leading performance marketing agencies with regard to technology, explido also plans on working with external partners in the future. It goes without saying that we have the same expectations of high quality in technology partners, that we have for our own tool and software development – in order to provide the best possible performance for campaign management.
We have tested Refined Ads extensively and achieved very positive results. The well-organized campaign management and efficient bid management, have completely won us over. With features like strategic groups, flexi columns and funneled processing, Refined Labs offers well-developed technology for managing online campaigns.

Goldbach Interactive

Goldbach Interactive Logo Goldbach Interactive combines complete consulting, conception, creation, media and technology. Hence Goldbach supports clients as a full-service agency within the digital marketing sector. Know-how and experience base on a consolidation of specialists, who are all pioneers in their disciplines.
120 employees of Goldbach offer international digital marketing services for companies, including Search Engine Marketing (SEA & SEO), Performance-Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Marketing as well as development of websites, shops and portals.
The integrated approach of Refined Ads convinced us because it helps to further develop our clients in terms of key figures and set goals.
Refined Ads relieves us by minimizing routine work and therefore gives us the possibility to invest more time in conceptional and strategic campaign development. This procedure results in more successful campaigns and more profit for our clients.


metapeople Logo Refined Ads is our preferred tool when it comes to our international campaign management, including the necessary optimization of the indispensable longtail. The uniform interface which combines the different search engines, in conjunction with the elaborate reporting and possibility to modify and adapt features to customers´ KPIs, makes working on our SEM campaigns fast and efficient. In cooperation with the Refined Labs team, we have the ability to satisfy all the wishes that our customers have, and give a new impulse to the market.

Pixelpark Performance GmbH

Pixelpark Logo We are pleased to be a Qualified Agency Partner with Refined Labs, and we endorse this program. Refined Labs has proved itself to be a valuable partner for us and our clients with its innovative SEA technology and its responsive and competent support team. Through the new partner program, participating agencies profit from the acquisition of new clients who are interested in the technology. Furthermore this is a stamp of approval for employee competence in working with Google AdWords and the Refined Ads technology.


rankingCHECK Logo Refined Ads provides us a single login interface for the efficient management of our SEA campaigns across multiple markets and search engines. The performance improvements are entirely convincing. Using the Cross-Channel Tracking, we can show the interactions between the various online channels and develop appropriate holistic online strategies for our clients. Furthermore by the very knowledgeable and friendly customer support Refined Labs is proving to be an extremely reliable and important partner for rankingCHECK.

Refined Ads Registered Agency Partner

Refined Ads Registered Agency Partner Logo

Our Refined Ads Registered Agency Partners are Google AdWords Certified Partner, and are long-time users of Refined Ads. They have at least one employee with 3 months of experience using Refined Ads.


burda direct interactive

burda direct interactive Logo As a subsidiary of the media company Hubert Burda Media, Burda Direct interactive GmbH is an experienced expert in cross-media performance marketing. Established acquisition channels such as SEM, affiliate marketing, email marketing, display ads and lead generation are successfully supported by social media and mobile marketing services. The triumph of our commission-based marketing campaigns depends significantly on the efficiency of advertising spendas well as the interaction of cross-channel campaigns. Therefore, we rely on Refined Ads as Campaign Management Tool in order to achieve the best possible performance for our customers.

Conversio – Online Performance Marketing

Conversio - Online Performance Marketing Logo As Online Marketing freelancers with a focus on SEA we need to rely on credible partners. Refined Ads helps us to manage our SEA campaigns in order to meet the performance goals of our customers. Beside the key functionalities like management and tracking of each campaign goal we are notably convinced of the bid management rules and especially the customer support which allows us to comply with individual customer requests.


getperformance Logo getperformance is a direct marketing agency. As such, we create TV and online advertising campaigns that have one goal above all: Sales. It was for this reason that we chose Refined Ads. We achieve the best performance for our clients’ campaigns with the help of the automation and evaluation functions. Topping off the whole package from Refined Labs, is the competent and easily reachable support team.


jaron Logo Jaron has been a leading agency in digital marketing for the past 15 years. As a full service agency, we cover the full spectrum of digital marketing needs. Themes like “Bid Management”, “Search Funnel”, “Cross Channel Tracking” and “Automated Campaign Management”, assume increasingly important key functions in this integrated process. Refined Labs’ solutions are convincing and they continue to develop according to growing requirements.


morefiremedia Logo Morefiremedia is specialized in generating leads in Google AdWords. It is essential to the success of our clients that sales volumes can be related back to the exact origin of the lead. With Refined Ads we have the opportunity to report on the lifetime sales volume per lead on keyword level, to determine the exact value per lead of each individual keyword. Regardless of how sales volume is generated, it will always be related back to the original lead. This way campaigns become noticeably more profitable and successful.


nexico Logo As a full service agency nexico Consulting manages the complete online marketing for their customers – starting off with the development of the strategy via the setup and ending with the optimization of well performing campaigns. Along this Refined Labs is a valuable partner for us so that we can run our marketing campaigns more efficient for our clients. Especially the very sophisticated tracking technology and the strategic groups offer flexible ways to optimize campaigns of any kind.

Online Solutions Group

Online Solutions Group Logo Through the implementation of Refined Ads, we have consistently been able to provide noticeably improved efficiency- often after just a short time. The intuitive user interface, the numerous high-performance features and the extremely competent and fast support of Refined Ads have fully convinced us.


qualitytraffic Logo qualitytraffic GmbH from Bielefeld is an online marketing agency for strategic, efficient and transparent online marketing. The team around managing director Thorsten Piening reveals the prevailing business model and develops an individual strategy in order to efficiently integrate the different instruments like search engine marketing (search engine advertising and search engine optimization), affiliate marketing, display advertising and email marketing into the online marketing mix. Additionally qualitytraffic GmbH shows deficits and existing optimization potentials by the use of web controlling tools. For more success!


seonative Logo Seonative GmbH is a full service SEO service provider that offers OnPage and OffPage traffic analysis as well as Certified Google AdWords campaign support. Our customers benefit from a consistent strategy across all SEO and SEM channels and very efficient budget allocation. Our goal is to provide the same efficiency throughout all phases and levels of our service, which lead us to Refined Ads as the perfect tool to handle Bid Management for our campaigns. Feature set, performance and user interface are really convincing and we are more than happy to be one of the official Refined Ads Agency Partners.


spacedealer Logo We especially appreciate the personalized support and the high level of innovation of Refined Labs. Our customers, who´s succes always comes first for us, benefit very much from the reliable tracking technology and the high quality of the bid management system.

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